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For web design in the Spring semester of 2017, the class collaborated on a blog website. Each week, one or 2 classmates were assigned to create a blog post related to what we were learning in class. My assignment was the second week of class, so I decided to title it "The Struggle: New Web Designers Edition." My blog post discussed the struggles of new web designers, as well as the highlights of trying something new coding on Brackets and getting it right.

Along with the collaborative blog post, the first assignment during the Spring semester of web design was to create and code a version of our resumes so viewers could access them online. I included the first version of my resume in my blog post to show that I got the site up and running, as well as changed the background color from white to blue.

Continuing the theme with my resume, this was the final product for my coded resume online. It's not the prettiest thing, I know, but it demonstrated the basics that I needed to create my final website.