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As a communications major, the opportunities for a career are endless. When I decided to become a communications major at Saint Joseph’s University, I was not aware of these endless opportunities that I would be presented with. Technology is an integral part of our society today, and as a communications student I strive to make the most of all social media platforms, but also bring back the in person contact within the business world that we are starting to lack within this industry. Through achieving a major in communications studies, I plan to be involved in either the advertising, public relations, or marketing industry. Being at a smaller school, we are encouraged to have in class discussion and collaborate with each other, especially in the Communications department. It’s evident now-a-days that when we walk down the street, all we see is people looking down at their phones. In the com department at SJU, the professors strive to have us collaborate, which I believe is an important part of our society today. Not only have I learned how to work with others during class, but collaboration with other students and staff have helped me realize that my opinions are important. I’ve also had the opportunity to better my journalism skills through writing blogs and articles. I have built relationships with not only students but the staff as well, which I believe transfers over into a real world setting. In a professional setting, it is noticed when people pay attention, make eye contact, and sound knowledgeable about the topic they are discussing. With my communications major, I feel as though I am able to achieve the level of professionalism that is respected in the real world, and I owe all the thanks to the staff and students of the communications department at Saint Joseph’s University.

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